Frequently Asked Questions


What is EAB?

EAB stands for Emerald Ash Borer which, is an insect that came from Asia that attacks and kills ash trees. This pest hit the buffalo area hard and has caused many problems for homeowners with their homeowner's insurance, city, neighbors, personal property and child safety. This pest is spreading into and across the Niagara county area very fast and presents a danger for public safety. Click the link below to find out more about this pest and options that are available to mitigate this problem before it causes liability issues.    

How to electronically sign the proposal?

 We have all our clients sign a proposal for acceptance of price and terms. We collect signatures in two ways: email or mail. If you are having trouble signing the electronic version by email click the "Help" button below for step by step instructions.   

Are you insured?

Yes we are!

 We have all the necessary insurance for our area to cover all of our projects.  

What to Expect on the day of the appointment?

 The day of the appointment for the free proposal/estimate is pretty straight forward; we will discuss the project that you want to be completed. If it's tree planting(s), pruning, removal(s), stump grinding(s), or a combination of services needed. Then I'll discuss options and give advice on the best way to meet your goals for the project. 

After discussing the different options for your project, the appointment is over. (keep in mind this process can take up to an hour or more depending on the size of the project.) 

Later that day, back at the office, we write up a proposal from the notes taken during our discussion. Then, send the proposal by mail or email(preferred method) to be signed. The email version allows signing the proposal electronically right on your phone or computer securely through Adobe sign.      

Can I send a picture to get price?

 We don't give prices for a job by picture due to the fact that a picture has no point of reference on the size of the tree or surrounding area. The surrounding area is very important to the cost of the work to be completed on the property; proximity to building/obstacles, access to the work, the health of the tree, how stable is the tree to work on, parking, utility(overhead & below ground) and etc. We like to do our estimates with you our potential new customers present to make sure we know exactly which branch you want to be trimmed or which tree to be removed, to be able to explain the process and answer any question's the may come up during the estimate. 

Please any questions that come to mind, please ask us!

What is our area that we services?

All Niagara and Orleans Counties. Erie county as far south as of the 33 and Genesee Counties as far south as i90 and east to 98.  

Can we top the tree?

 Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice known, unfortunately, it is still being practiced even after 25 years of literature and seminars explaining its harmful effects. The main reason topping is still occurring is that tree companies aren't trained in proper pruning practices and money.     

What forms of payments do you offer?

 Checks, cash, Square Invoice. 

How soon will you start my project?

Many factors influence our schedules such as weather, size of the jobs, rental equipment, worker schedules, unexpected health issues, unexpected equipment breakdowns, emergency jobs, time of year, construction projects and storms. We complete our jobs in order that we receive them to the best of our ability. Keep in mind for us to provide our clients with our best offer we need to schedule jobs that make us efficient.    

How old do think my tree is?

 This is a fun question that I get to answer a lot. The age of a tree can be very hard to determine from just looking at a tree, there are many different factors that affect the age of a tree. Most people view the age of a tree by its diameter or height, but there are other factors that determine the age of a tree: dry or wet seasons, cold/warm winters, species of tree, soil, construction, health,  planted or naturally grown, etc.

 I use the example of the Norway Spruce named "old tjikko"  which stands about the size of a Christmas tree(13 feet tall), is 9,500 years old in Sweden.   

Fire Wood

Because you can make money on the wood can you lower the price?

The answer is NO! The reason why we don't lower the price when we take the wood off the job is that it takes time, money and labor to remove the wood off the job. Yes, we can make money on selling firewood. But that is only after we cut the wood into firewood size pieces, then split the wood, then stack the wood to let it dry for a year, then restack into the trailer to transport the wood to the customer who bought the firewood. The short version is that the process of selling firewood is very labor-intensive and financially expensive being each process has equipment and labor cost associated with it to get the end product ready for sale. Let's say you keep the wood and split the wood into firewood doing all the work and then sell it, you wouldn't let us charge you for the loss of firewood sales because you kept the wood and sold it. Just food for thought!    


If you still have a question that needs answering please contact us we are always happy to help you.