Tree Removal

Additional Information

Treeman Tom LLC has 26 + years of combined experience in the tree care industry removing difficult trees over obstacles. Hiring the right company to remove a tree over your house, pool, fence,  neighbors house, playground, dock, shed, or service wire requires a specialist. Removing trees is a dangerous enough task with the proper training we take safety on the job very seriously. 

Safety is #1 on the job!    

We have a great video of us removing an entire tree in time-lapse over a dock on a side of a hill on an Island, in our portfolio page that demonstrates our skill with difficult trees. The tree that is being removed in the video is the picture on this page to give an idea to the surrounding area.

We also have an 86' tall spider lift on rubber tracks to access back yard trees that are to dangerous to climb. Our spider lift rubber tracks help decrease ground pressure contact meaning it causes a low impact on yards, along with plywood to lay down like a road we can keep your yard from being damaged. The spider lift also lets us to work safely and efficiently to get the job done right and without an incident. 

Winter is a great time to get tree work completed due to the ground being frozen it makes it easier to get onto properties.


Different Services Provided


The Options below can be mixed matched to meet the requirements of the customer.

Removal of all debris:

This means that the brush, wood, and the yard is raked where the work was performed. This  the most expensive option because it's the most labor intensive and time consuming, but there are options below to help lower the cost of job but require some work at the end by the customer.  

Leave all debris:

Just like it sounds, all the mess is left behind for you to take care of. If you are looking for an option with the lowest overall cost of the job, here it is. If you're willing and able to clean up the mess yourself or with the help of family and friends, this part of the job is hard work, so my hats off to you.

Leave wood:

This option can be done a few different ways:

  1. Wood left at a length
  2. Cut into firewood chunks 18"
  3. Log length (only when it can be done safely)

Just a little tip if you aren't using the wood for personal heating and have the ability to split the wood from your tree(s) and sell that wood on the front yard to help gain some money back on the cost of removing the tree(s). If you are now thinking if the wood can make you money then I can make money on the sale of wood then we can lower the price: click the link below to find out more on why we can't lower the price. 

Leave Brush:

Leave the brush is option that once again can save the customer money. Check with the local municipality for brush clean up days or dump sites to dispose of the brush. 

Leave Wood Chips:

If our customer has a use for the wood chips and wants to keep them and always us to dump the wood chips on their property there is money to be saved. Wood chips make great pathways through a flower garden or a mulch bed. 

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