Off Road Hauling

Additional Information: Tracked Dump

This service is new to Treeman Tom LLC we purchased this piece of equipment to move wood off a private island in the Wilson, NY area. The island was once disconnected to land but now is connected by a five-foot pathway to the mainland. The removal of brush and wood debris from jobs has to be done by boat, barge or slowly over the pathway. The difficult part is having the right equipment to traverse the two 25 degrees plus hills on and off the island with equipment. Our off-road tracked dump allows us to haul 5,000 lbs per trip up to a 30-degree grade/slope safely and quickly. The average human creates 16 psi ground contact our tracked dump creates 11 psi of ground contact loaded weighing in at 10,000 lbs, the impact on the ground is less than the average human walking. Five and a half feet is all that is needed between objects to gain access to an area.


This allows us to move materials; stone, topsoil, building material, wood, brush, appliance, furniture, fuel and much more over terrain and distance must faster than by hand, boat, four-wheeler or UTV. So if you have a limited access area due to the size requirement of equipment. Contact Us or Book Online for a free estimate!