Tree Support System

Additional Information

Reason to Install a tree support system:

  • Support long or heavy branches that might break by a storm or wood failure.
  • Stop branches or stems from splitting more
  • Reduce movement of a tree 
  • Reduce uprooting 
  • Support structurally weak area of a tree
  • Protect property from damage
  • Maintain aesthetics of a tree
  • Save tree

A tree support system consists of two different cablings and bracing. Cabling can by the traditional methods of installing hardware into the tree and using steel cables or new methods of non-invasive. We here install the non-invasive system called Cobra that expands as the tree grows, doesn't require any drilling or installing metal hardware, and can set up for static or dynamic system with a shock absorber. Bracing is used to brace a branch or stem that is cracked or split to draw them together in order to stop the opening and closing as the canopy moves. Bracing should always be done with cabling being installed in the canopy. 

Pruning the tree should be accompanied by cabling and bracing, is true in most cases but there are times that pruning isn't necessary. continue  

Annual Inspection should be completed on t installed cabling and bracing by the tree company that installed it. This is to check for the system's current condition, the integrity of system components, growth of the tree, the tension in the system, the effect of the system on the tree and structural condition of the tree.  


Cabling: Traditional VS New Methods


Traditional Method:

  • Install steel hardware
  • Drilling of live tissue
  • Static system
  • No Shock-absorbing action
  • Expensive
  • Trees grow around hardware

The traditional method is still the most used method by most tree care companies to this day mainly because that's what they have been taught or have done in the past. That being said the process is cabling using steel hardware and cables, when done correctly is very effective. Whenever a tree is drilled into or through this introduces a wound that the tree has to heal and could allow for decay fungus & insects an easy avenue to enter the tree. 

New Method:

  • No hardware to install
  • No Drilling live tissue
  • Static or Dynamic systems
  • Shock-absorbing action
  • Expands to grow with the tree

This new method of cabling is used by Treeman Tom LLC, we can upon request install steel cabling. This system allows us to help support the tree in ways that maintain the health and natural movements of the tree. These systems are made synthetic rope material wraps around the branch or stem that are spliced together in a way that allows the splice to grow with the tree. This is important so the tree branch or stem doesn't get girdled. Rope and steel cable both only last so long because of weather, erosion, sunlight, rust, and stress. Steel cables do have a longer life expectancy than rope.