Stump Grinding

 Reasons to have a Stump removed: 

  • Aesthetics
  •  Mowing nuisance
  • In the way of planting a new tree or flower bed etc.
  • Taking up valuable space in your lawn or landscape
  • The decay of a stump invites pests
  • A stump requires decades to decay on its own
  • A stump may continue to sprout new growth
  • It really does look a lot better once it has been removed!


Process of Stump Grinding:

The stump grinding process starts with grinding the stump with a stump grinder. Stump grinders are a very dangerous machine that uses a large heavy wheel with metal teeth the rip/tears the stump into pieces using sheer weight and power to do the work. The end result of a stump being ground up and a hole left where the stump was and a pile of topsoil mixed with wood grindings. Video at the bottom of the page to show a stump grinding working.

Note:  We give a price break on stump grinding with five (5) or more stump on the same property are completed together as a package.  

We charge $3.50 per inch!

*Extra Services

*Extra cost above stump grinding price

Removal of extra grindings:

We fill in the hole with stump grindings, rake up the yard and remove and haul away the extra stump grindings. We do leave the grindings in the hole raised above ground level to allow for settling of material. Tip: The decaying of the wood in the soil will not be favorable for replanting grass seed or sod.  

Removal of all grindings:

We rake up the yard, remove and haul away all the stump grindings; leave a empty hole in the yard. 

Full Service:

This service provides the client with a raked yard, removal and hauling away of stump grindings, new screen topsoil, and sod or seed. Our sod option with this service provides an instant yard, while seed does take longer to grow, but both involve watering from the client.  

How we determine the size of the stump

Additional Information

 The way you figure out how inches is you measure the diameter (width) of the stump at ground level. If the ground is humped up around the stump, extend the diameter to include grinding the hump to grade level. Always measure the widest point of the stump.  

 If a stump needs to be cut off there may be a small charge to finish cutting to the ground. 



Check out this great video of us stump grinding!