Why Hire Us?


Safety is #1:

On the job site: We take great pride in following proper work procedures, wearing Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), and ongoing training in house and third-party sources.  


Why does safety matter on the job as a customer?  

 Answer: To keep you, the customer's property from being damaged. Hiring the right tree company could mean the difference between the tree being pruned or removed before damaging your: house, fence, pool, playground, or even the neighbor's property.  

Does the company your about to hire maintain or inspect the equipment being used on the job site to prevent onsite failures and danger? Does that company understand rigging forces being applied so as not to over rig a large piece of wood over your house and cause property damage? 

We here at Treeman Tom LLC have this training, inspection, experience, and confidence to remove or prune any tree on your property. We attend professional conferences and have a yearly training day to refresh work procedures and update ourselves on new methods.      


What does it mean to the customer when considering a tree company that is an International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) Member and ISA Certified Arborist on staff mean? 


 Answer:  The ISA Credentialing Council has implemented an ISA Certified Arborist® Code of Ethics policy to serve as a central guide and reference for arborists in support of their day-to-day decision making. It is meant to define our organization's mission, values, and principles, linking them with principles of professional conduct and industry standards. Treeman Tom LLC is both a member and have a Certified Arborist on Staff: Deanna M. Poczciwinski NY-6379A. 

This can be verified at https://www.treesaregood.org/findanarborist/verify 

A link to ISA website if you want to learn more about them: https://www.isa-arbor.com/ 

Customer Service:

"I hear this a lot from potential new clients that are now customers say, "you're the only company too call back, show up, or give a price".

 Customer service is taken very seriously here at Treeman Tom LLC, we return all: phone calls/messages, texts, Facebook messaging, and emails as fast as we can to keep our customers informed and answer all questions or concerns. 

A new feature on our website to help with communication and customer service is the Book Online feature that can be found by clicking the button below. The feature allows you to enter your information: name, address where the work is to be done, phone number, email address and then you pick from available times to make an appointment for a free estimate. If a cell phone number is provided with the booking it will email and text the appointment confirmation and then text & email a reminder the day of the appointment. 

If you don't see a time that works for your schedule please contact by phone, email or the form found on our Contact Us Page, we will be more than willing to help assist you with scheduling a free estimate that works for you!          

Signed Contract

Most reputable tree companies have a proposal or estimate to be signed to explains the costs and terms discussed during the initial appointment. 

Why are signed contracts important? 

A signed contract protects both the company and the customer from being taken advantage of.  The customer gets the total cost and explanation of terms; meaning is the client paying for brush and wood removal, racking of debris, does the wood stay on-site or removed completely, woodcut into firewood chunks and stays, stump grinding, yard damage requirement, no cleanup, and etc. This makes sure the customer is paying for what they asked for and they can hold the tree company accountable to hold up to the terms. A signed contract also holds the client to their end of the terms; meaning if they asked to leave the wood a certain length on the job and then, decided to have all the wood hauled away because there's more than they thought. This protects the tree company to charge the customer more over the original price agreed upon, due to the additional work over the original terms.  

For example, without a signed contract you the customer doesn't know what they are paying for and how much they are paying for each service. During the initial appointment, it was discussed that you want; one tree removed, brush removed, wood left for personal firewood use, and it's 80" stump ground. Those are very specific terms; if you are giving a  written business card or verbal/handshake with a price of $1,800; you don't know the separation for each cost. What does the stump grinding cost compared to the tree removal? This may not seem very important at the time but what if they don't complete the stump grinding part of the job. Of course, you aren't going to pay them for not grinding the stump but how much was the stump worth of the total price at the beginning. They could say the stump only cost $50 or maybe $25 of the total cost of the job, we both know what is happening here.      

What should a good proposal/estimate include: Customer's information, company information, written description of terms to be agreed upon, Total price with or without tax, map of the property. We have included an example of our proposal written up, click the link below.        


What you should know:


What is the property owner's responsibility when hiring a tree company to work on their property? 

After 10 years of interacting with the public face to face completing estimates, I have found that there are many people that don't realize two(2) important facts about liability insurance when mentioned at the estimate:   

#1: Estimator to the customer: "Remember just because of the business card, website or company rep. says they are insured doesn't always mean that they are." 

Customer: "I thought as a tree company you had to have insurance." 

Reply: "General Liability Insurance is not monitory to purchase to own and operate a business. It does of coarse place the responsibility of the liability on the owner of said company and the property owner." 

#2: Customer: "What do you mean I can be held responsible?"  

Reply: "Yes, as a property owner you are responsible for workers working on your property. Remember you are employing the tree company, so in turn, the workers are your employees. There are two parts to this reply."  

Part 1: As a property owner you are responsible to verify that the company being hired has a certificate of liability with adequate coverage. Now, remember not all tree companies are trustworthy businesses. We suggest that the property owner call the insurance agents on the certificate to confirm that the policy is current especially if it came directly from the tree company. 

We here at Treeman Tom LLC always have our insurance agent mail or email the copy directly to the customer so that it's the most up to date and customers don't need to verify authenticity being the insurance agent/company sent it. 

Part 2: Even if the tree company being hired has the proper documentation and you verified the documentation there is still some liability responsibility of the property owner. Example, that I refer to, let's say the contractors have to gain access to the work by walking across a deck and down a set of stairs and the stairs have a half-broken step and then it breaks while the contractor is using them, you are liable for injuries if you neglect obvious hazards on your property.  

Routinely inspect your property for such dangers, and make repairs if possible. If you find something temporarily beyond your repair, it is best to warn the contractor of the risks involved. 

For extra peace of mind, take a look at your homeowner’s insurance coverage. It is a good idea to check the personal liability section of your homeowner’s policy to ensure all the necessary coverage is there.